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Palm Bay 1 - パタヤ - 画像

パタヤ - Palm Bay 1

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South Pattaya
引渡し年: 3月 2022
不動産開発: Palm Bay Group

販売価格 2780000 バーツ - 4780000 バーツ

  • 階 - 41
  • ビーチまでの距離 - 500 ;メートル
  • プール - 共同 プール
  • 家具 - #
  • インターネット - WI-FI
  • レストラン
  • フィットネスジム
  • 駐車場

  • 電子アクセス
  • ビデオ監視システム
  • 警備員

  • Maintenance fee:  50 バーツ - 平方メートル - ヶ月

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    Palm Bay 1 - 情報

    21 8月 2018 Palm Bay 1 Condo

    Palm Bay 1 - ニュース

    25 4月 2019 ปาล์ม เบย์ 1 Palm Bay
    2780000 バーツ - 1 部屋の数 25.5 平方メートル, 家具 一部
    3210000 バーツ - 2 部屋の数 29.5 平方メートル, 家具 一部
    4050000 バーツ - 1 部屋の数 25.5 平方メートル, 22 階, 家具 一部
    4250000 バーツ - 1 部屋の数 25.5 平方メートル, 27 階, 家具 一部

    25 8月 2018 Palm Bay 1 Pattaya
    Developer:PALM BAY GROUP
    Location:Junction of the Pattaya 2 Road and Thappraya Road, 500 meters to Pattaya Beach, Walking Street and core business district.
    Description:41-Storey high-end Condominium
    Total 378 units
    Total Land Area:2,586 m2
    Parking:80 units
    Timeline:Expected construction to start in Q2 2019.
    Expected completion to be in Q1 2022.
    Facilities and Services
    Public 5-star Hotel facilities
    9 m Luxurious High Ceiling lobby.
    Pattaya`s first intelligent parking system with international connection, parking available
    Smart hotel laundry facilities
    Green runway track
    25th floor public facility floor
    Infinity, L shaped aerial sea view swimming pool, which includes children`s pool
    Aerial sea view gym
    Aerial sea view sauna and steam room
    Aerial sea view Japanese Spa
    40th floor - luxury Sky Bar, Sky Garden
    The first 41-story developer in Thailand equipped with a private Helicopter for airport transfers, sightseeing, emergency medical treatment, etc.
    Impeccable location: the new project is 500m from the Pattaya Beach, Walking Street and core business district.
    Each room has sea view which overlooks either Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach, or Pratumnak Hill.
    Collaboration with intentionally renowned hotel management companies, the hotel-style apartment management model perfectly fits the investment management philosophy of the the city, which the owner can easily enjoy a stable rental return benefit.
    Perfect mulit-family designs are able to meet the needs of different customers with practical value of buying a two-bedroom apartment at one-bedroom price, allowing maximization of the return on investment.
    Pattaya has a high 10% annual growth rate in the real estate business.
    Quiet estate in the middle of densely populated area is the best choice for the high-end customers.
    Being a well-known developer, focusing on creating the highest quality high-end luxury building through Thailand`s .....>>>>>

    ニュース Palm Bay 1

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    パタヤ, South  Palm Bay 1   2022

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